Dangerous Goods Management (S) Pte Ltd
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Office ( level 4 )
Warehouse ( level 3 )  
Singapore 608779
Tel: 6268 6328 / 6268 6393
Fax: 6268 6691
email: sales@dgm.com.sg



At Dangerous Goods Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd we endeavor to be the reliable and specialized organization in the field of packing and consultancy of hazardous materials for transport.

Due to our high levels of compliance and specialization, DGM Singapore has the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry.

Prompt, efficient and cost effective, DGM Singapore has a pool of dedicated and well trained staff who pack, or where necessary, re-pack any type of hazardous goods in full compliance to the prevailing transportation regulations.

DGM Singapore is well stocked with United Nation tested packing material, in all shapes and forms. We offer and stock from drums to cans, from fibreboard boxes to plywood boxes and all necessary absorbent material so as to quickly respond to your needs. (UN fibreboard box, UN plywood box, UN microdrum, UN steel drum, UN plastic jerrican, plastic bottle, Intermediate packaging, Infectious Substances Packaging, customized crates and vermiculite).

Dangerous Goods Management (Singapore) specializes in the handling, packing, training, and Door-To-Door freight of your dangerous cargoes. We are also equally competent in handling general cargoes too.

Dangerous Goods Materials

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